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Faculty development is an essential part of any graduate medical education program (ACGME). A needs assessment from junior faculty members in emergency medicine identified lecture development and presentation skills, use of technology in education, and curriculum design and evaluation as important topics for faculty development programs (Farley, 2008). As millennials enter the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education arenas, educators must be adept at techniques that engage this new era of learners.

Whereas the environment of health professions education once only included lectures, learners now choose from podcasts, vodcasts, free open access medical education (FOAM), massive open online classrooms (MOOC), social media sites, and other online resources (Toohey, 2016; Boysen-Osborn, 2017). Didactic teaching is changing as well with emphasis placed on the flipped classroom, including small group learning, simulation, and team based learning (Toohey, 2016).

The Engaging Learners through Innovation and Technology (ELITe) Conference is a two day symposium for medical educators interested in advancing their teaching skills in the current environment. The conference planning committee has used current literature in medical education as well as personal expertise (two faculty members hold master’s degrees in education, all hold leadership roles in education).

The course will focus on the following:
  • Engaging learners with effective teaching techniques including
    • Team Based Learning (TBL)
    • Flipped Classroom
    • P(V)odcasting and Digital Publishing
    • Slide Design
  • Teaching in the Virtual Era
  • Curriculum Development and Design
    • Writing Objectives
    • Curriculum Development
  • Gamification
  • Building DEI and Cultural Competency into Curricula
  • Program Evaluation

During the conference, learners will apply the techniques taught during the course to practice. Learners will have an opportunity to work one on one with conference faculty and graphic designers/artists to develop lectures, podcasts, and flipped classroom exercises.

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